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Chemical anchor

A quick setting Polyester injection mortar without styrene for use on solid and hollow supports.

Code Packaging Size
IT010TSE Cartridge 300 ml
IT010TCA Nozzle Tube
IT010TA10 Filter Sieve 15×85
IT010TA8 Filter Sieve 12×50
IT010TA6 Filter Sieve 20×85

Physical form: paste
Color: Beige (component A), in several colors (component B)
Odour: characteristic
Viscosity: 3.5 x 10 6 < P 20 ° C (component A)
Relative Density: 1.8 g/cm3 g/cc 20 (component A)
Relative Density:  1.6 g/cm3 20 (component B)

– Unscrew the CAP from the cartridge.
– Screw the mixing tip to the outlet port of the components.
– Put the cartridge into the gun.
– Put pressure on the gun until you see the two components mixed with a clear uniform grey in the nozzle (avoid using the first 10 ml).
– Choose a suitable sieve depending on the anchor rod dimensions.
– Remove water and dust using a brush and a blower or compressed air.
– If anchorage is made on a hollow support, insert the sieve of the appropriate dimensions (for brick: sieve 15 x 85, and for concrete block: sieve 15 x 130) and slightly move the gun out, whenever you press the trigger.
– In the case of a solid support, inject the product from the bottom of the hole to fill 2/3.
– Insert the element to anchor with a slight rotation.