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Facade waterproofing

High quality acrylic waterproof cladding for sealing and protecting facade. It is a fluid paste with a good thixotropic degree, easy application by roller. Watery emulsion, it contains pigments with high U.V. resistance. It can be applied in new constructions or reparations.

Code Packaging Size
Metal can color white
25 kg

Once applied and dried it has fungicidal properties. It is self-cleaning when steaming, resistant to the outdoor conditions and totally waterproof.

Clean and degrease the surfaces before its use, remaking previously the loose elements that could exist. Do not apply at temperatures below -5 ºC, in rain or unstable weather. The application can be carried out by roller, or brush. We recommend a minimum of 1 Kg/m² in several coats inserting polyester mesh in-between them.