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L-30 PVC-C cleaner

L-30 PVC-C is a PVC cleaner designed to be used on PVC-C pipes and accessories. It cleans, degreases and chemically prepares the PVC before applying Solvent Cement. It is essential to ensure a correct welding process.

Code Packaging Size
IT00805C Metal can 1.000 ml
IT00805CP Plastic bottle 1.000 ml

Colour: Colourless
Odour: Characteristic
Viscosity: P.D/P.A
Density: 0,81 g/ml. a/a 23ºC

Clean and degrease the parts to be bonded using a rag or absorbent paper soaked in Cleaner. Leave it to dry. Use the suitable PVC-C solvent cement according to instructions.