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Liquid Butyl Rubber

Concentrated solution of butyl rubber with special resins and reinforcing fillers that, once dried, forms a film adhered to the surface which is waterproof and with the necessary elasticity to adapt itself to the dilatation of the building materials. Liquid BUTYL RUBBER is a waterproof product, resistant to cold, heat and ageing.

Code Packaging Size
IT01608CB Metal can color gray 25 kg
IT01607CB Metal can color gray 5 kg

Clean and dry the installation surface. Remove grease, dust or any anti-adherent matter. If possible supports should have a minimum of 3% slope for rain water evacuation. Fill up deformations, cavities and weak points with polyurethane putty or with a mixture of BUTYL RUBBER and dry sand in a proportion from 1 to 4. The fissures, cracks, will be cut in form of V with an approximate width and depth of 1,5 cm. Clean them thoroughly, impregnate with BUTYL RUBBER and let them dry. Next, filled them up with the putty or mixture mentioned in the previously. Once the surface has been correctly prepared, apply an undercoat of BUTYL RUBBER using a roller, or brush to all of the surface. Apply the second coat 24 hours afterwards and crossing the previous one, obtaining, in this way a perfect water tightness. In case the treated surface needs to be transported, protect adequately because BUTYL RUBBER is not resistant to abrasion.