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P.T.F.E. Tape

PTFE tape is used to seal pipes and threaded fittings. It has an excellent quality with different thicknesses.

Code Packaging Size
IT013C1275 Roll 12x12x0,075mm 250 Uns
IT013C121 Roll 12x12x0,1mm 250 Uns
IT013C501 Roll 50x19x0,1mm 200 Uns

Material : 100% PTFE
Width: 12mm, 19mm
Thickness: 0,07 – 0,2mm
Length: 12 o 50m
Elongation percentage: >25%
High pressure resistance: 150-200Kg/cm2
Residual lubrifiant: <0,5%
Temperature: From -190ºC to 370ºC
Colour: White