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Polyurethane mastic

The POLYURETHANE MASTIC is a one component sealant of permanent elasticity and adequate consistency to be applied with manual or pneumatic extrusion pistol, and smoothed with a spatula. In reaction with atmospheric moisture, the material achieves its elastic final state, similar to rubber. Classified as 1 Category Elastomer according to Norm NF P 85-305.

Code Packaging Size
IT010PUBL White Mastic Cartridge 300 ml
IT010PUGR Grey Mastic Cartridge 300 ml

Base : Polyurethane Colour: white and grey
Relative density: 1,18 g/cm3 approx.
Flash point: >50ºC.
Volume loss: 5% approx. (DIN52451).
Shore hardness: “A”: 40 approx. (DIN53505).
Elasticity module to the 100% of lengthening 0,35 Mpa approx. (NF P 85507).
Break point: >250% (NF P 85507).
Maximum working elongation: 25%.
Elastic recovery 80% approx. (NF P 85506).
Temperature resistance -20ºC to +80 ºC.
Chemical resistance:
Aqueous: Good.
Greasy, mineral oils, petrols: Average.
Organic solvents, organic, mineral acids, bases: Bad.

Touch-dry: 1-2 hours approx. (MBT 00101).
Curing speed: 3 mm./day approx. at 23ºC (RD DO 266)
Application Temperature: +5ºC to +40ºC

Remove the seal of the bottom of the cartridge. Screw the plastic mouthpiece previously cut in bevel form of 45º, according to the width to apply. Apply by pneumatic or manual pistol, trying to maintain the mouthpiece to the same depth and inclination in order to avoid air occlusion. If necessary, smooth with a spatula moistened in soapy water.