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PVC cleaner L-40

L-40 is a PVC cleaner designed to be used on PVC pipes and accessories. It cleans, degreases and chemically prepares the PVC before applying Solvent Cement. It is essential to ensure a correct welding process.

Code Packaging Size
IT00805LN Metal can 1.000 ml
IT00803LN Metal can 500 ml
IT00805LNP Plastic bottle 1.000 ml
IT00803LNP Plastic bottle 500 ml
IT00802LNP Plastic bottle 250 ml

Colour: Colourless
Odour: Characteristic
Viscosity: P.D/P.A
Density: 0810 g/cm3

Clean and degrease the parts to be bonded using a rag or absorbent paper soaked in cleaner. Leave it to dry. Use the suitable PVC solvent cement according to instructions.