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Quick setting waterproof mortar A

It is an expansive quick-setting mortar that immediately repairs leaks and water tracts. It instantly detects water leaks with hydrostatic pressure. Setting time from 2 to 4 minutes at temperature of 20ºC. Expansive during the setting to guarantee a correct seal.

Code Packaging Size
IT01808A Metal can color gray 25 kg
IT01807A Metal can color gray 5 kg

Structural resistance:  superior or equal to the installation surface.
It stops instantaneously water leaks with hydrostatic pressure.
Fast Forging: from 2 to 4 minutes.
Expansive effect during the forging.
Free of toxicity

For obstruct water leaks, in concrete walls, to seal cracks in swimming pools, elevator pits, concrete slabs, etc.
Mix up the preparation with water until a pasty consistency is obtained. Moisten the support where it must be applied and proceed to the obstruction of the leak or crack to repair. Remove the remains and level the surface.
At temperatures beyond 25ºC the setting time decreases, at temperatures below 15ºC the time increases, in this case you can use lukewarm water for its mixing.
Prepare only and exclusively the quantity of material that you can use in a period of 2 to 3 minutes. Do not reuse the remaining material. Do not mix with other materials, it only needs water for its mixing. Use protective gloves for its application.