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Sanitary silicone sealant

Specially formulated for use in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens as well as other sanitary applications. Prevents mould and fungal growth, it has an excellent performance and durability.

Code Packaging Size
IT009ASBL White Silicone Cartouche 300 ml
IT009ASTR Transparent Silicone Cartouche 300 ml

Colour: White, transparent
Curing system: Acetoxy
Density: 0,96g/cm3
Cord width: < 2 mm
Skinning: 5 -10 min. approx. (1)
Touch-dry: 10 -25 min. approx. (1)
Hardness Shore A: 17 ± 2
Stress at break> 0,35 N7/mm2
Stress at 100 %: > 0,30 N/mm2
Break point: > 125 %

(1) According humidity and temperature.

Sanitary silicone is designed to give excellent performance and durability. Withstands temperatures from – 40°C to +100°C. It is formulated for use in all kinds of joints and union sealing, either glass or metal. Surfaces must be clean, free from dust and grease. If necessary degrease with alcohol or toluene. It is recommended that adhesion should be tested to determine the validity of the product for the required application. Cut the nozzle to the measurement of the thickness of the cord that you want to achieve. Once finished cover the end of the cartridge with plastic to preserve of the product. Sanitary silicone cannot be painted. Please do not use in unventilated rooms. Not recommended for use on porous surfaces.