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Hydraulic Sealant IT142

IT142 is a single-component anaerobic product for use on metal screws and bolts to prevent loosening as a result of impact or vibration.

Code Packaging Size
IT019142 Bottle 50 ml


Nature: Methacrylic resin
Appearance: Brown
Viscosity: 600 / 800cps
Specific gravity: 1,6
Flash point: >100°C


The speed of cure will depend on two main factors: kind of materials, ambient temperature. The graph below shows the strength developed with time on some kind of metal. The different materials have been tested according to ISO 10964. The speed of cure will depend on ambient temperature. The right temperature range of cure is from +20°C to +25°C. Low temperature from +5°C to +20°C reduce speed of reaction, higher temperature will increase the speed.