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Solvent cement N-30 PVC-C

N-30 PVC-C is specifically for PVC-C pipes and accessories under pressure. It consists of a formulation that allows a perfect union that has the same resistance as the material itself. It is quick drying and is thixotropic.

Code Packaging Size
IT00106CP Metal can with brush 1.000 ml
IT00106CPP Plastic bottle with pompom 1.000 ml

Colour: Orange
Odour: Strong, characteristic
Viscosity: 10.000 ± 1.000 CP
Density: 1.100 g/cm3
Solid matter: 23% ± 1%

Cut and bevel the pipe at 15º.
Clean and degrease the parts to be bonded with a rag soaked in a specific PVC-C Cleaner. Stir before use.
Using the applicator provided, apply a thin and even coat of solvent cement to both parts (socket and pipe) in the longitudinal direction.
Immediately insert the pipe into the socket without turning.
Remove the excess solvent cement.
Wait 5 minutes before handling. Allow 24 hours to elapse before applying pressure over 1.5 Bar.

Manufactured in appliance with the following European Standards: CE EN 14814 (adhesives used for joining the components of thermoplastic piping systems for fluids under pressure) and EN 14680.