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Terrace and Roof waterproofing

High quality waterproof coating. Fluid paste with a good tixotropy degree. Easy for application with a roller. Once dry, it makes an elastic waterproof sheet and is a good solution for leaks on roof and terraces.


Code Packaging Size
IT01608TTJ Metal can color brick-red 25 kg
IT01608TBL Metal can color white 25 kg
IT01608TGR Metal can color gray 25 kg
IT01607TTJ Metal can color brick-red 5 kg
IT01607TBL Metal can color white 5 kg
IT01607TGR Metal can color gray 5 kg


Colours: Brick-red, gray, white
Density: 1,35 g/cm3
Viscosity: 2.200 CP
Dry matter: 60%
Elasticity: 300% at 20ºC

Clean and degrease the surfaces before its use, Slopes need to be sufficient for rain-water drainage. In specific cases, it is recommended the previous application of ANTIHUMIDITY in order to absorb the humidity in the surface, facilitating the adherence of the product, neutralizing the alkalinity of the concrete. Do not apply at temperatures below -5 ºC. Apply using a roller. It is advised to use 2-3 kg/m² applied in several layers with a polyester mesh in-between layers.