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Waterproof cement C

Impermeable mortar for construction. Mortar with cement, with selected arid, aggregates additives and other non-reactive nor reversible components. Adhesive product on porous surfaces, previously moistened. It only needs water for its preparation and posterior application. Free of toxicity and   therefor compatible with potable water. This product can be used on every type of finishing (paint, plaster, stucco, etc.). It is breathable and almost non-aging.

Code Packaging Size
IT01808CBL Metal can color white 25 kg
IT01808CGR Metal can color gray 25 kg

The surfaces to treat have to be clean, eliminating also efflorescence and remains of other treatments. The holes and cracks will have to be previously filled in with the WATERPROF CEMENT. The surface to treat must be moistened (essential condition).
The mixture with water must be done in a plastic or rubber container pouring in it water in the first place and next, the grey or white WATERPROOF CEMENT, stirring the blend vigorously until a fluid paste is obtained (At slurry level). It can be applied by trowel, or a fine TAMPICO brush. A minimum of 2 coats are necessary to obtain a correct waterproofing. Before the application of the second coat, the first one will get previously moistened. Do not mix WATERPROOF CEMENT with any other product and do not add any class of arid materials. Do not apply on forged of covers that can have some movement, also do not apply on plaster or on any type of paint. The precautions to take are the same ones that with any other type of cement. Keep the product in dry place.